Lip Dub is a phrase coined by Jake Lodwick, the co-founder of Vimeo, that joins lip syncing and audio dubbing into a music video. The is done by recording a single shot video of someone singing and dancing to a recording and then going back during editing to dub the video with the original audio of the song. This trend has taken over schools around the world, where students and faculty join together to create music videos featuring the school. There are hundred of these videos popping up on the internet but here is a list counting down the Top 10 Best School Lip Dub videos.

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Pencil vs. Camera is a creative and wonderful mix of photography and illustration, so tightly wound that it is hard to imagine the picture being without either media. They are a beautiful meld of two forms of art. Ben Heine (link at bottom) is the artistic genius behind the new and fresh idea. It is not only a blend of photos and drawing, but also of illusion and surrealism.

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Beer enthusiasts usually end up collecting labels from their brews at some point in their drinking career and some collections have been generating interest from a commercial aspect as well; these collections do acquire a value over time and some collections are also extremely large! (via Organizing Your Beer Label Collection – Beer Label Collecting | Labels for Life)